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This is a question I get a lot.  What should I say when someone sneezes that isn’t – bless you.

And this is an issue for Humanists because we feel like hypocrites blessing someone when we don’t believe in the magical powers of blessings.

My dad always said, “don’t do that” when I sneezed. I asked my son, he said, that’s not very helpful.

Then, a fan shared the wikipedia link  on Responses to sneezing with me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responses_to_sneezing

I’ve included a link on the podcast site so you can review and choose the one you like best. 

I personally like Vietnamese “Cơm muối” – which means rice and salt.

And the Persian  “Afiat Bahsheh” which means,  "May Cleanliness/Purity be bestowed upon you or may it be for your health."  Which seems like a really nice thing to wish people – in a really succinct 2 words. 

Regardless, now you have options and need no longer feel constrained to say bless you. 
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