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I have the same dignity and worth as everyone else... and so do you!

My Humanism – for me – eliminates power differentials.

Using Humanism I don’t need to be afraid – all humans are – human – we are all equal. When you internalize that – the idea that some people are higher up or intimidating - just doesn’t happen – they are human. Just like me.

Nature and nurture. Biology helps me lead a happy life, but so does philosophy. Specifically Humanism. It’s why I teach it.

We are in a period of societal transformation, it's global in nature and it's difficult. The good news - is we can decide what we want our future to be like.

A conversation about race, privilege and the importance of compassion so that we can get through this - and create the future we want.

I'm a Humanist - but I do think the question - what would Jesus do - is a good one, because it reminds us to think - not about ourselves, but about how we might be compassionate with others. 

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