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Humanists reject theism and supernaturalism because we want to solve our problems. As my friend Kalai pointed out to me - You can pray all you want - but Jesus isn't going to brush your teeth for you. There are things we have to do for ourselves. Best get on with getting the work done. 

It is impossible to have a bad bullying boss - if there are no bosses. This does not mean - work teams don't need leadership. They do. It's more that leaders - aren't bosses. They are colleagues. The difference - matters. 

Being reality based - can be hard to do when you are stressed out. Learning how to cope with anxiety - without relying on the false hope of what are essentially hoaxes - is a really useful life skill. 

Some days you are going to be really productive. Other days you will not. Productivity and motivation ebbs and flows. It's ok if somedays, you just can't focus to get work done. Do something else.  The next day will probably be better. 

My new friend Kalai - is an expert on emotional intelligence.  He said that he defines stupidity as - stumped by your emotions.  I think he's right. The moments when I act stupidest - is when my emotions are controlling me.  What do you think?

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