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Reading Jeff Hawkins new book a Thousand Brains. He talks about how our brains think and how the brain can come to believe things that aren’t true. He says the best way to learn if you are wrong is to actively seek out evidence that you are wrong and to be open to being wrong so you can learn and be less wrong. Good advice. #humanism #skepticism #criticalthinking

We live in an interconnected world. Cultural differences can sometimes cause offense where none is intended. Give people the benefit of the doubt that they mean well and don’t assume they are horrible people. If we all treat each other with compassion we can learn from and honor each others differences and work past the inevitable faux pas that occur.

People and companies who want to do harm and not get caught are not good businesses. This is why humanism is so important

Being Different, Together. This is a great way to think about how to be human and humanist. 

My son thinks I'm confident. The reality is - I'm humble. I expect to screw up. I'm ok with screwing up and when I do - I just set about - fixing the problem.  That seems like confidence, but it's really  just humility.

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