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I'm a Humanist - but I do think the question - what would Jesus do - is a good one, because it reminds us to think - not about ourselves, but about how we might be compassionate with others. 

There are lots of things I should be doing - but I don't have time to do them all, so - I take all the things I don't want to do - and don't do them. Crazy - I know. 

What is the thing that makes you unique? Me? My grandmother told me I was put on this earth to love people. And that's what I've been doing every since. Every day - I try to love myself. Love my family. Love others. That's what my business is about too. Teaching people how to deal with difficult situations with love in their heart. Learn more at https://humanistlearning.com

It's possible to fix toxic workplaces. I've done it multiple times. It isn't easy to do though and - if you try, the toxic people will attack you. You can survive this and I have. In this video - I share a personal story I don't talk about much, to let you know how bad it can be but more importantly - that you can get through this and that it's worth it. https://humanistlearning.com/category/bullyingharassment/

What is Ideal?

What’s ideal might not be realistic, but it’s still worth thinking about

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