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I’m actually really excited that summer has finally started and that I can now hang out with my son.

Granted, he decided to go to opera camp this summer, so some of our free time is no longer free.

But still, I look forward to summer as much as he does.

We all need breaks. We all need time off from time to time.

We all need to spend quality time with the people we love.

And to me, that’s what summer is. Time to spend with my son. 

We haven’t been on a proper vacation for several years due to our financial constraints. 

But we still like to go exploring and seeing things we wouldn’t otherwise have the time to see, like obscure county parks and things like that.

Brains need breaks.  We need time off to recharge our brains.

So embrace summer. Embrace the break. And enjoy it while and if you can!

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