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I have the same dignity and worth as everyone else... and so do you!

My Humanism – for me – eliminates power differentials.

Using Humanism I don’t need to be afraid – all humans are – human – we are all equal. When you internalize that – the idea that some people are higher up or intimidating - just doesn’t happen – they are human. Just like me.

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What is the thing that makes you unique? Me? My grandmother told me I was put on this earth to love people. And that's what I've been doing every since. Every day - I try to love myself. Love my family. Love others. That's what my business is about too. Teaching people how to deal with difficult situations with love in their heart. Learn more at https://humanistlearning.com

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Humanists reject theism and supernaturalism because we want to solve our problems. As my friend Kalai pointed out to me - You can pray all you want - but Jesus isn't going to brush your teeth for you. There are things we have to do for ourselves. Best get on with getting the work done. 

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Play the long game. As long as you have an overall winning record, you are doing fine. 

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I got to interview Sherri Sutton today about appreciative inquiry. She said before she works with a company - she asks the CEO - what positive changes are you willing to make to help your employees. If they aren't actually willing to change - she doesn't work with them.

I think this is a great question to ask - not just the people we work with - but ourselves. What positive changes are you willing to make? 

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